Goblin Slayer Gaiden 2

Square Enix‘s Gangan Online magazine declared on April 25 that it has dropped serialization on Takashi Minakuchi‘s manga adjustment of Kumo Kagyu‘s Goblin Slayer Gaiden 2: Tsubanari no (Daikatana of Singing Death) serialized novel.

Square Enix expressed the cancellation of Goblin Slayer Gaiden 2 out was because of “different conditions.” Square Enix will uncover “another improvement” for a manga adjustment of the novel arrangement at a late date.

Goblin Slayer Gaiden 2
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The manga propelled in December on Square Enix‘s Manga Up! application and on Gangan Online, and Square Enix distributed three chapters.

The novel, a spinoff of Kumo Kagyu’s Goblin Slayer novel arrangement, propelled on Gangan GA in September 2018. The novel spotlights on travelers assuming the notorious “Dungeon of the Dead.”

Goblin Slayer is a Japanese dark fantasy light novel arrangement composed by Kumo Kagyu and represented by Noboru Kannatuki. A manga adjustment by Kōsuke Kurose is serialized in the Monthly Big Gangan magazine, and a second adjustment by Masahiro Ikeno keeps running in a similar magazine. A prequel manga by Kento Eida keeps running in Young Gangan. Both the books and the manga adjustments have been authorized by North American distributer Yen Press. Three sound show CDs have been discharged, packaged with the fourth, 6th, seventh, and eighth light novels. An anime TV arrangement adjustment by White Fox debuted from October 7 to December 30, 2018.

Manga‘s official description is:

“In a world of fantasy, adventurers come far and wide to join the Guild, in order to complete contracts for whatever jobs are available. An inexperienced priestess joins her first adventuring party, but comes into danger after her first adventurer contract involving goblins goes wrong. After the rest of her party is wiped out, she is saved by a man known as Goblin Slayer, an adventurer whose only purpose is the eradication of goblins with extreme prejudice.”

The light novel positioned fifth in 2017 in Takarajimasha‘s yearly light novel manual Kono Light Novel ga Sugoi!, in the bunkobon class.

The first volume of the manga achieved 39th spot on the week by week Oricon manga rankings, selling 20,360 duplicates in its first week.