Given Boys-Love Manga Anime Release Date in July on Noitamina

Fuji TV Anime Lineup Press Conference 2019″ occasion on Thursday reported that Natsuki Kizu‘s Given boys-love manga is rousing a TV anime adjustment that will debut on Fuji TV’s Noitamina programming obstruct in July. The occasion expressed that the anime will be the “first anime based on young men love manga” to air on Noitamina.

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Hikaru Yamaguchi (executive for Escha Chron, scene chief for Mr. Osomatsu, Battle Spirits Double Drive) is coordinating the anime at studio Lerche. Yuniko Ayana (BanG Dream! the two seasons, Girls Beyond the Wasteland) is supervising the arrangement contents.

The “young band story” fixates on Ritsuka, who plays guitar yet has lost enthusiasm for the instrument. At some point, he meets Mafuyu, who is holding a broken guitar. Ritsuka reluctantly begins instructing Mafuyu the guitar, yet when he hears Mafuyu’s voice, things all of a sudden start to change for Ritsuka.

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