Gintama: The Semi-Final Special
Photo: Sunrise

Gintama has shared a new promo video for its upcoming Semi-Final special series! Hideaki Sorachi’s Gintama may have reached a conclusion some time prior, yet now the anime franchise will be formally reaching a conclusion with a last trip bringing back the entirety of the fan top picks from the establishment in general.

Since this last anime trip, Gintama: The Final, presently hitting theaters in Japan, fans will be blessed to receive one other anime excursion to appropriately develop to the events of the final film. Presently the franchise has prodded what this new trip will resemble with another promotion. Gintama: The Semi-Final is a prequel to Gintama: The Final that will divertingly make its presentation in Japan after the introduction of the final film, and the promotion really makes fun of that while saying ‘sorry’ to fans for the stand by.

With the first episode appearing on dTV in Japan on January 15th and a second episode on January 29th, the exceptional guarantees a diverting new experience driving into the final film.

Gintama: The Final is presently screening in venues in Japan, and adjusts the last snapshots of Sorachi’s unique manga along with unique substance made for the film. There’s a decent possibility this truly is the finish of the franchise, so this extraordinary web series may be a decent last approach to appreciate it!