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FREE! Jump TO THE FUTURE, the freshest part in the lives of the Iwatobi Swim Club, has unfortunately arrived at an end. In any case, rest guaranteed FREE! fans, as it appears the establishment will even now be swimming along. The finale of FREE! Jump TO THE FUTURE finished its credits with the note “See You in 2020… ” demonstrating another venture in progress. Regardless of whether another TV arrangement or another film, the configuration of the guaranteed continuation is unsubstantiated.

FREE! DIVE TO THE FUTURE is the third season in the FREE! arrangement. Haruka and his swimming mates have graduated secondary school, each start to produce their own way. Haruka is going to school in Tokyo when one day he reunites with Ikuya, a colleague from center school who he used to swim with. This experience digs up overlooked cherished recollections. In the mean time, Makoto, who additionally lives in Tokyo, is moving in the direction of making his new dream become animated. Furthermore, Rin is off in Australia however keeps running into an incredible startling gathering…

Olympics Tie-in?

Its an obvious fact that 2020 is a major year for Tokyo. Everyone’s eyes will be on Japan’s capital as they have a mammoth donning occasion that is the Summer Olympics. What’s more, it would appear to be a remarkable keen and proper move for the FREE! establishment to gain by this. Also that FREE! Jump TO THE FUTURE had the young men contend in school. So normally, fans are as of now considering the young men testing themselves against the best on the planet.

At the point when the FREE! anime made its TV debut in summer 2013, I don’t consider any us anticipated that it should keep going this long. Be that as it may, 2013 was the year Tokyo got affirmed for the 2020 Olympics, recommending the makers dependably had this as a primary concern. Such a joint effort would be an incredible notable crossroads in the establishment’s history.


On the off chance that you are not familiar with FREE!, at that point you have room schedule-wise to make up for lost time. Every one of the three TV seasons can be found on Crunchyroll. There are likewise two movies that develop the fundamental storyline. Fast! FREE! Beginning DAYS is a delightfully guided introduction to the principal season, giving a more intensive take a gander at Haruka in his center school days and his maturing kinship with Makoto. FREE! TAKE YOUR MARKS fills in as a result to the second season, demonstrating the Iwatobi Swim Club young men having joyful existences after graduation.