Darwin's Game Novel
Photo Credit: Nexus

Akita Shoten’s Weekly Shōnen Champion magazine’s seventh issue distributed the principal chapter of a serialized prequel novel for FLIPFLOPs’ Darwin’s Game manga on Thursday.

The FLIPFLOPs pair is by and by taking a shot at the novel, with part Shū Miyama composing the story and part Yuki Takahata drawing the representations.

The story of Darwin’s Game novel centers around Shuka and Rain’s past.

Darwin’s Game manga focuses on Kaname Sudō, a secondary school kid who is attracted to a secretive game application titled “Darwin’s Game.” He gets associated with a social game where the stakes are critical.

Darwin’s Game is a Japanese manga arrangement composed and outlined by FLIPFLOPs. An anime TV arrangement adjustment by Nexus debuted on January 3, 2020.