Fire Force Season 2 Episode 22
David Production

The David Production Fire Force anime has been running with its second season non-stop with brand new episodes and there is one character who hasn’t showed up at all since the last season and he is no one else than Shō. The last time he appeared was during his destined conflict in the Nether against his older brother Shinra.

Presently, after Dr. Giovanni’s prodding words about him, it’s uncovered he’s in a mental, controlled state.

In spite of the fact that Shinra is is not aware of where and how his younger brother is being kept like he were a pupped, Giovanni’s words prod him on and push him to amazing rates. While he and Arthur keep battling Giovanni, the remainder of Company 8 attempts to figure out how to invalidate the looming blast from Ritsu as she explodes innumerable Infernals to demolish the Nether and breakdown the Tokyo Empire above.

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The reference of Giovanni’s to Shō collects an expectedly forceful reaction from the hero Shinra, who appears to arrive at a comparable speed to what he could accomplish with the Adolla’s Grace, immediately evaporating prior to beating Giovanni. The White-Clad member clarifies that Sho is where the Pillars need to be, prior to the coming of the Great Cataclysm and clues he’s being played with by Haumea.


At the point when Shō last showed up, during the Fire Force’s past outing to the Nether, he shared an interesting Adolla Link with Shinra, which uncovered a portion of his sibling’s recollections from when their family was finished. The experience significantly affects the more youthful Kusakabe sibling, who starts to scrutinize the falsehoods he’s been told by the Evangelist. Sadly, before he can follow up on his evolving mind, Haumea utilizes her capacity to send an electrical stun through his sensory system and actually control him. Haumea plays with Sho’s mental body, dealing with him like a doll, which appears to make even Arrow, Sho’s White-Clad defender, awkward. Regardless, Haumea’s capacity has likely kept Sho in this state since his battle with Shinra to prevent the Pillar from revolting ceaselessly from the Evangelist.

Fire Force season 2 anime’s 22nd episode was released on November 28, 2020 and you can watch the series by only following this link!

The anime TV arrangement Fire Force is situated in on the manga arrangement of a similar name composed and delineated by Atsushi Ōkubo. The initial season broadcasted from July 6 to December 28, 2019 on Japan News Network stations MBS and TBS as a component of the Super Animeism block. It ran for 24 episodes. Funimation has authorized the arrangement for spilling on FunimationNow. Due to the Kyoto Animation illegal conflagration assault on July 19, 2019, Episode 3, which was initially booked to air on July 20, 2019, was deferred to July 27, 2019.

On July 19, 2019, it was reported that the arrangement would debut on Adult Swim’s Toonami block on July 27, 2019.

Fire Force season 2 anime debuted on July 4, 2020.

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