Mrs. Green Apple
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Fire Force Anime’s official website revealed that the Rock Band “Mrs. Green Apple” will perform the Fire Force Anime’s opening theme song, named Inferno.

Rock Band – Mrs. Green Apple
Mrs. Green Apple" will perform the opening theme song named Inferno
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Kodansha Comics distributes the manga in English, and it depicts the story:

Dread has incapacitated the perfect timing city of Tokyo! Controlled by devils, individuals have started to blast into the fire, prompting the foundation of an extraordinary firefighting group: the Fire Force, good to go on a minute’s notice to battle sudden ignition anyplace it may break out. The group is going to get a special expansion: Shinra, a kid who has the one of a kind capacity to keep running at the speed of a rocket, deserting the celebrated “fallen angel‘s impressions”.

The anime will debut on July 5 (adequately July 6 at 1:25 a.m.) as the principal title in the “Super Animeism” programming hinders on MBS, TBS, and different channels and will be streaming on FunimationNow upon release.

Fire Force Anime’s Cast-Characters

Gakuto Kajiwara as: The Protagonist Shinra Kusakabe

Second-generation fireman of the third generation ability.
Assigned as a new recruit to the 8th Special Fire brigade. When I was a child, I was blamed for the fire that lost my family, and after that, I could be deceived as a “devil” because when I got tense I would become a strange smile. To a fireman to aim at a “HERO” to save people. You can take fire from your feet, fly in the sky, or play strong kicks.

Yūsuke Kobayashi as: Arthur Boyle

M.A.O as: Iris

Saeko Kamijō as: Maki Oze

Kenichi Suzumura as: Takehisa Hinawa

Kazuya Nakai as: Akitaru Ōbi

Kenjiro Tsuda as: Joker

Daisuke Sakaguchi as Victor Licht

Yuki Yase is coordinating the anime at David ProductionYamato Haishimais responsible for the arrangement contents, and Hideyuki Morioka is planning the characters.

Ohkubo propelled the arrangement in Kodansha’s Weekly Shōnen Magazine in September 2015. Kodansha distributed the manga‘s fifteenth volume on November 16 and will distribute the sixteenth on April 17. Kodansha Comics shipped the fourteenth volume in English on February 19.