Crunchyroll has affirmed it will be accessible on the PlayStation 5 on dispatch day as one of the few web-based applications going to the service. Crunchyroll uncovered in a different statement that their application would be accessible on the new support also when fans capture their own one month from now.

Crunchyroll said the accompanying in their own declaration on their official site affirming the anime streaming application’s accessibility at launch.

Crunchyroll’s going to the Playstation 5! Directly at the PS5 launch, you’ll approach more than 1,000 unique anime series on the Crunchyroll application. Crunchyroll likewise affirmed the locale availabilities of the streaming application with November 12th being the release date for PlayStation 5 owners in the United States, Canada, New Zealand/Australia, Japan, Mexico, and Korea, and November 19th is the release date for PlayStation 5 owners in different regions.

Sony has affirmed that alongside Crunchyroll, Apple TV, Disney+, Netflix, Spotify, Twitch, and YouTube will likewise be accessible on PlayStation 5 at launch.

Source: Crunchyroll