Fan Bought Pokemon Card Collection for Over $100,000 at Auction
Photo Credit: google

Pokemon Trading Card game has gathered a large number of cards, yet some are more pined for than others. As of late, one fan chose to drop enormous cash on a lot of uncommon cards, and it marks one of the greatest purchases to ever hit the game.

An enormous deal went down at Goldin Auctions over the previous end of the week. It was there a lot of uncommon Pokemon cards were sold, and their extraordinary condition drove a purchaser to burn through $107,010 USD on the gathering.

As indicated by the report, 103 Pokemon cards were sold, and they are generally uncommon purchases. Each card is in ideal condition with a Gem Mint 10 rating. The accumulation incorporates the ever-uncommon first release Charizard just as holographic cards for Blastoise, Alakazam, and Chansey.

Still stunned by the cost? All things considered, Goldin Auctions isn’t astounded by the offer. TMZ reports there are under 50 of these cards in such great condition, and the entire set simply made genuine bank for one fan.