Dr. Strange Illustration
Photo: MCU

Worldwide famous manga artists Hiro Mashima, Boichi, and Chūya Koyama drew a special banner for Marvel Studios’ Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness film. The banner elements every maker’s interpretation of the eponymous Doctor Strange.

The talented artists additionally remarked on their representations. Hiro Mashima, said that he loved both Doctor Strange and his entertainer Benedict Cumberbatch. He drew the person with the picture of the most grounded performer at the top of the priority list. Boichi remarked that the characters and cast were both awesome, and that he was sure that individuals all over the planet would live it up with the film. Koyama remarked that he had the impression of Doctor Strange as a shrewd, cool, and gathered character, so he tried to draw him battling without appearing as though he was endeavoring.

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