Photo Credit: Toei Animation

The seafaring story has put the Straw Hat team in a wide range of abnormal spots. After the entirety of this time, it just bodes well for fans to have cut out most loved minutes from the show, and it turns the equivalent goes for the arrangement’s creator.

Eiichiro Oda told fans that much was valid in a meeting abroad. The protracted meeting addressed a few subjects of Oda’s life, and it was there the creator shared most loved minutes from the anime.

The interview has been summarized by fan-translator over on Twitter sandman_ap, Oda has three scenes from the anime he wants to bits. The first is the initial scene of Wano as it shows the island country’s capital city.

As summarized by sandman_ap Eiichiro Oda’s top moments in the anime are:

  • The opening scene of Wano.
  • Robin puts Mangrove’s tree sap to Usopp. Oda says it helps the audience to feel as if the OP world is real.
  • Campfire scene in Skypiea arc. It was the scene where Oda wanted to draw most in that arc.

The last scene referenced by Oda can be found in the Skypiea arc. Oda said he cherishes the pit fire scene in this arc, and he needed to draw it the most out of anything.