edens zero trailer

Edens Zero has been carrying on with its best life on paper since its debut, and the science fiction series is getting ready to go live on TV this spring. J.C. Staff has been working away at its adaptation of Edens Zero since a year ago, and it plans on going live this April.

Furthermore, in the event that you get some information about the debut, you will see exactly how energized he is about the anime. As of late, the creator of Edens Zero did a little meeting where he talked about his profession and the new series.

I myself am looking forward to the anime very much. I think that Edens Zero is a very anime-friendly series, and there are many scenes that will look great in the anime, such as action scenes and spaceships. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do, and I hope that those of you who discover it through the anime will take the opportunity to read the manga as well, so please look forward to it!.

Obviously, it didn’t take some time before his next anime was brought into the discussion, and Mashima conceded he thinks Edens Zero is appropriate to be an anime.