Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai Gets New TV Anime in Fall 2020
Photo Credit: Toei Animation

Today at Jump Festa’s 20th event stage presentation it was announced that Dragon Quest: The Adventure of DaiDragon Quest: Dai no Daibōkenmanga is getting a new tv anime adjustment that will debut in fall 2020.

Toei Animation released a promotional video revealing the anime. Toei Animation is creating the anime, which will be half CG and 2D animation. The 37-volume manga ran in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine from 1989 to 1996.

“In the story, after the annihilation of the devil ruler Hadlar the entirety of the beasts were released from his shrewd will and moved to the island of Delmurin to live in harmony. Dai is the main human living on the island. Having been raised by the sympathetic beast Brass, Dai’s fantasy is to grow up to be a legend. He gets the opportunity to become one when Hadlar is restored and the past saint, Avan, comes to prepare Dai to help in the fight. In any case, Hadlar, declaring that he presently works for a much progressively incredible demon ruler, comes to murder Avan. To spare his understudies, Avan utilizes a Self-Sacrifice spell to assault yet can’t overcome Hadlar. At the point when it appears that Dai and Avan’s other understudy Pop are damned, an imprint shows up on Dai’s brow and he all of a sudden picks up superpowers and can fight off Hadlar. The two understudies at that point go off on an adventure to retaliate for Avan and take harmony back to the world.”

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