Jouji Yanami Died
Photo: Google, Toei Animation

The Japanese talent agency Aoni Production declared on Tuesday that voice entertainer Jouji Yanami died on December 3 at 10:59 p.m. JST.

The funeral was held for his close relatives. He was 90.

Jōji Yanami was a Japanese actor, voice actor and narrator who was affiliated with Aoni Production.

Some of his major voice roles included the Dragon Ball anime series, which he narrated and voiced Dr. Briefs, King Kai or North Kaio, and Bobbidi. Other major roles included Dr. Isaac Gilmore in Cyborg 009; Gennai in Digimon; Ittan Momen in GeGeGe no Kitarō; Dr. Yumi in Mazinger Z; and numerous characters in the Time Bokan series.

On 25 September 2015, Toei Animation announced that Yanami would be taking medical leave from Dragon Ball Super for an indefinite amount of time. His roles as the narrator and Kaiō-sama were passed to Naoki Tatsuta.

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