Dragon Ball Super Granola The Survivor

It would seem that the entirety of the theory was correct, Dragon Ball fans! After bunches of speculating, the franchise offered fans a reprieve today by dropping the absolute first insights regarding its next arc. Dragon Ball Super got the drop on fans after a promotion went live teasing its new arc that will make a big appearance after Moro’s last chapter goes live.

Furthermore, for reasons unknown, this new arc will be firmly identified with the adventure fans just wrapped up. The update came courtesy of V-Jump as the magazine presented a promotion committed on this new arc.

The story, which will be called Granola the Survivor, is by all accounts zeroed in on the other partners in crime who got away from authority during Moro’s rule. All things considered, the baddie let out a whole jail of scalawags, and Dragon Ball fans have needed to find out about them for some time.

This new arc will zero in on detainees including during Moro’s residency, for example, 73, Yunba, and Granola. Jaco likewise appears in the mystery, so it appears to be this officer has all the more left to do in the manga. He may be gunning for a get-away subsequent to having managed Moro, however Jaco and the Galactic Patrol have significantly more work to do.

Source: V_Jump Official Twitter Account