Dragon Ball Super Chapter 67
Photo: Toei Animation

Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball is one of the series which is famous for bringing back the dead characters. Starting with Son Goku to Vegeta and past, a portion of the arrangement’s top warriors have been revived. The arrangement keeps on playing this game even today, and they were helped to remember that when Dragon Ball Super put out its latest chapter. Be that as it may, in a peculiar unforeseen development, the Grand Priest was convinced to restore somebody of note with some different option from wish-conceding relics.

The entire discussion went down as of late when Dragon Ball Super released its most recent chapter which is the 67th one. It was there the Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc shut, and fans were brought together with Goku after Moro’s passing. The festive moment was incredible, yet it was made shockingly better when Goku’s heavenly tutor made a return. Incidentally, Merus is alive again, and the Grand Priest demonstrated kindness to the heavenly attendant in the wake of getting a specific supplication.

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The Grand Priest tells Berus and Whis when they asked about Merus’ return the following:

“Actually, it was this one who came to me, willing to sacrifice his own life to save Merus,”

It was the East Kaio-shin who went to the Grand Priest requesting kindness. The god ventured to such an extreme as to offer his own life in return for Merus being returned, and that didn’t agree with Beerus. All things considered, his life is attached to Shin, and his passing would follow the Kaio-shin rapidly.

Things being what they are, the Grand Priest can be bartered with, so Merus is alive indeed regardless of whether he is only a human at this point. In any case, fans are persuaded there is something else entirely to this revival than meets the eye. It isn’t regular the Grand Priest accomplishes something selfless, so it would bode well for the god to get something out of this trade.

Dragon Ball Super chapter 67 was released on December 20, 2020. You can read the manga by following this link!

You can watch the Dragon Ball Super anime by following the link!

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