Dragon Ball Super Chapter 67
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Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball in the course of time of more than 30 years has had many villainous characters, martial artists, aliens, androids and the latest portion of the manga has presented another multitude of evil androids.

The new androids are really an extension of the new abhorrent android the arrangement presented during its Moro Arc: Seven-Three. As one of Moro’s top henchma, Android Seven-Three was an aloof unit with the remarkable endowment of replicating the forces of any contender he connected with. Seven-Three was ground-breaking to such an extent that he could even duplicate Moro’s considerable sorcery powers, just as Goku’s faithful Ultra Instinct force. Indeed, in Dragon Ball Super’s new arc, we discover that Seven-Three was only one unit from a whole line of abhorrent androids presently undermining the universe.

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Dragon Ball Super manga’s chapter 67 is titled “Happy Endings… And Then…” and it surely satisfies its title. The new chapter wraps up the occasions of the Moro Arc, with Goku and Earth’s Z-Fighters praising the large win, while likewise re-establishing all the planets known to mankind that Moro attacked with his life-depleting powers. In any case, amidst such satisfaction and festivity, there is one unfavorable scene that actually unfurls the following:

After the fierce contention with Moro, Galactic Patrolmen Jaco and Calamis are doing last tidy up on the occurrence, which incorporates exploring a puzzling crisis guide that is by all accounts exuding from the site of Moro’s fight on Earth. In the wake of talking Moro’s posse of got away from convicts, Jaco and Calamis re-visitation of Earth to examine whether Seven-Three has been totally demolished. The Galactic Patrolman think they affirm the android’s destruction, yet they are extremely off-base.

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Seven-Three was only one Android unit from a whole line. The lieutenants of Moro’s Galactic Bandit Brigade illuminate the Galactic Patrolmen that Seven-Three was only a clear record before they stole him from a crime biss named Master Goichi. The scene that presents Goichi further uncovers that the boss is feeling extraordinary fortune at getting OG73-I back – or rather, all the information he gathered from duplicating the absolute most impressive contenders known to mankind. Goichi’s associate drops that unpropitious update that the wide range of various androids in Seven-Three’s line have been given downloads of Seven-Three’s capacity set.

The manga’s current arc which is titled “Granola The Survivor” in its initial chapter closes with the uncover of the nominal Granola – a space hero who assaults Goichi’s boat. Granola figures out how to take out a lot of the new detestable android line, however the androids surely appear to be ready to shield Seven-Three from Granola’s assault – at all expense.

Dragon Ball Super chapter 67 was released on December 20, 2020. You can read the manga by following this link!

You can watch the Dragon Ball Super anime by following the link!

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