Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 14
Photo Credit: Studio Toei Animation

Dragon Ball Super was famous in a lot of different ways, but one of the main reasons that it was famous is that characters like Frieza and Android 17 joined Universe 7 to cooperate with Goku and others to save their Universe, seeing villainous characters join the battle is something that was not expected at all.

But fans were satisfied with the move, seeing them give everything they got so they could win and save their Universe.

Android 17 and Piccolo were one such pair, and the most recent couple of episodes of the Super Dragon Ball Heroes promo-anime arrangement demonstrate that both of them are a considerable team when they really get an opportunity to cooperate.

Episode 14 of the Super Dragon Ball Heroes arrangement is another extraordinary case of this as Android 17 and Piccolo fight against the incredible android combination of Kamioren. Subsequent to using 17’s shields and Piccolo’s Special Beam Cannon well in the last episode, both of them push this cooperation considerably further and power Kamioren into the guarded. In the most recent scene, Android 17 leads the pack as the fundamental contender while Piccolo fires his Special Beam Cannon from a remote place.

At the point when Kamioren gets bound, both of them continue to pelt the combination with a whirlwind of ki impacts and nail it down. This starts to baffle Kamioren as the combination persistently contended it was more grounded, and the combination’s body starts to break and break as the ki impacts wear it out.

Be that as it may, sadly this solid group up doesn’t get much of anywhere as Kamioren is before long helped by the intensity of the Universe Seed. After Super Hearts persuasively puts the seed within Kamioren’s body, it develops to humongous size and Piccolo and 17 alone aren’t sufficient to bring it down.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 14
Photo Credit: Studio Toei Animation

Super Dragon Ball Heroes is a Japanese ONA dependent on the Dragon Ballestablishment, all the more explicitly the arcade round of a same name that debuted on July 1, 2018. The arrangement is given a few what if scenarios in which situations and potential results inside the establishment, yet is in any case set after the occasions of Dragon Ball Super and its film Dragon Ball Super: Broly.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes anime‘s official description is:

‘Following the events of Dragon Ball Super: BrolyGoku and Vegeta were supposed to be joined in their training on Beerus‘s planet by Future Trunks after he and Future Mai have returned to the present timeline in their time machine. Future Mai reveals that Future Trunks was captured by an unknown force, and a mysterious figure named Fu confirms that Future Trunks is held on the Prison Planet, a place under the control of Frieza‘s brother Cooler. Goku and Vegeta reach the planet with Future Mai, encountering their Time Patrol counterparts Xeno Goku and Xeno Vegeta who were sent to retrieve Fu before they are all attacked by a Saiyan criminal named Cunber. The resulting fight against Cunber destabilizes the planet, with Fu escaping capture as Cooler followed, the heroes managing to escape the self-destructing planet with Xeno Goku and Xeno Vegeta returning to their reality. But the event would be revealed to have been part of plan conducted by Hearts, who recruited Cunber and four other inmates (including a cyborg version of Zamasu) for his goal to eliminate Zeno and his alternate counterpart.’

The arrangement was met with blended responses from devotees of the establishment, as some felt that its status as a limited time include for the game left them with poor affections for it, while others truly delighted in the storyline and animation. Thanasis Karavasilis of MANGA.TOKYO felt positive about it, expressing that fanatics of the arrangement ought to at any rate appreciate the battle scenes. He likewise communicated that the animation was what ought not out of the ordinary from a Dragon Ball arrangement.