Dragon Ball Heroes
Photo: Toei Animation

Dragon Ball is as of now pushing forward at max throttle with its most recent adaptation of the manga titled Dragon Ball Super, yet there is as yet an anime project keeping the arrangement above water on the web. Indeed, the Dragon Ball Super show finished some time prior, however the crazy universe of Dragon Ball Heroes has been delivering its PR anime reliably since that finale. Presently, it appears to be the show is prepared to show out its new arc, and a trailer is here to flaunt the enormous mission.

The recent-stunning trailer went live in Japan only in front of the arc’s presentation on March 18. You can track down the full video beneath as this Dragon Ball promotion centers around everything Goku. On the off chance that you didn’t have a clue, this new Big Bang Mission has toss Goku into a fresh out of the box new universe, and it appears he will confront some intriguing obstructions with regards to this odd world.

İt is obvious from the trailer that shows Goku in this fresh out of the plastic new world, and he is confronted for certain natural adversaries. The Golden Frieza and Cooler appear at challenge the Saiyan, however he doesn’t need to battle them alone. In the spot of destiny, Hearts appears all of a sudden with a help, and the trailer proceeds from that point.

The new trailer proceeds to flaunt a strange veiled Saiyan who is by all accounts in all honesty Goku Black. At long last, Dragon Ball Heroes leaves off on a Broly secret. The Saiyan is shown battling a man shrouded in a dark robe, however fans figure they may know who the warrior is. All things considered, the impression appeared of his face looks a ton like Broly, so the Legendary Super Saiyan may will battle himself quickly.

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