Dragon Ball Fan Joins the World Guinness Record With Largest Merch Collection
Photo Credit: "Guinness World Record"

Hitoshi Uchida left his business to pursue his fantasy: meet Goku voice on-screen character Masako Nozawa. You may love Dragon Ball. You may be a major fan. In any case, you don’t have more Dragon Ball merchandise than Hitoshi Uchida.

For instance, one room in his home is devoted completely to Goku and loaded up with 4,000 Gokus! That is not by any means the full degree of his gathering.

“Since I was a child, I was frightened of phantoms, and I was terrified of passing on. Furthermore, at whatever point I got terrified, I envisioned the voice of Son Goku as I was attempting to rest. (Child Goku) helped me adapt to my dread,” Uchida said.

“She’s bailed me out for an amazing duration and right up ’til the present time I am yearning to meet her – it’s my last objective throughout everyday life. When I pondered how I could accomplish that, I thought of going for the record,” Uchida disclosed to Guinness World Records. Nozawa is a world record holder. Guinness granted her the record for “voice entertainer who voiced a similar character in a computer game for the longest period” and “longest computer game voice acting profession” in 2017. Her job as Goku was especially motivating to Uchida as a youngster.