There are a large number of Dragon Ball fans far and wide, yet some go more diligently for the arrangement than others. There are full families who have devoted themselves to Goku and Vegeta. Presently, one superfan is standing out as truly newsworthy following to changing their name to suit their preferred Saiyan, and for some odd reason, this man is a talented footballer.

Joan Roman, a 27-year-old competitor on Poland’s Miedz Legnica, has officially changed their name to Goku. The footballer has recently played for Manchester City and Barcelona. Presently, he is passing by the name Goku as revealed by Goal.

Here’s his explanation for the move, as caught by the Spanish games site ElDesmarque.

I am grateful to Joan for everything I lived and the positive things and lessons that have given me. But now I am Goku. I chose that name because I feel identified with its values and what it represents to me: perseverance, empathy, growth against obstacles, light, and positivity. I only ask to respect my decision as many people are already doing. Always moving forward. I sent you all much love.

Dragon Ball: A Professional Football Player Changed His Name To Goku

Joan Roman has now become Goku Roman starting now and into the foreseeable future. The competitor has accepted his new name public as he’s made a committed hashtag for his new distinguishing mark.