Dr. STONE turned into a hit with crowds quickly upon its premiere, and the series has kept on overcoming fans since. Not long ago, fans were made aware of the latest brand deal made sure about by Dr. Stone.

For reasons unknown, Senkū has different plans as a primary concern at this moment. He is far less stressed over the petrification of humankind nowadays because of a specific sweet business of his.

You can look at the clasp underneath as fans watch Senkū get his Snickers on. The kid is seen strolling through the forested areas effectively enough before he runs into a man went to stone. The more seasoned man of his word was frozen with his mouth sufficiently wide to eat down a Snickers, so Senkū imparts the treat to the sculpture.

This commercial is a whacky one, yet it has a lot of heart. Senkū is a long way from the main anime saint to lead a promotion like this.