Digimon Survive
Photo Credit: Bandai Namco Entertainment

The Japanese video game developer and publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment declared on Thursday that the Digimon Survive roleplaying game is postponed to 2021.

The company stated that they are delaying the release of the game “due to the effects of current world events.”

The produced of the game Kazumasa Habu gave an announcement of appreciation to fans close by the declaration.

Digimon Survive game was set to launch in 2020 after a postponement. The game was initially scheduled to dispatch in the West for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC in 2019.

The story of the game is as following:

The protagonist Takuma Momotsuka is out of nowhere shipped to a perilous other reality where ruthless animals prowl. Takuma is a second-year juniour highunderstudy, and his accomplice is Agumon.