Photo Credit: Toei Animation

Digimon Adventure anime arrangement presently has a couple of episodes added to its collection, and shocked fans with a new ending theme song succession appeared with the most current scene of the arrangement. They jump further into the Dark Continent looking for the Holy Digimon, their Digital World is starting to extend out significantly further.

This appears through the new ending theme grouping just as it has extended in its own particular manner.

Episode 14 of the arrangement appeared this ending theme song named “Q?” as performed by Reol. The ending theme has extended to incorporate the whole gathering instead of just exclusively center around Matt and Tai like the principal finishing. You can look at it for yourself underneath gratitude to Toei Animation’s official Twitter account!

This new ending theme is a vastly different style from the arrangement itself and is a significant lovable glance at the DigiDestined. This new closure subject arrangement too is T.K. what’s more, Patamon. Despite the fact that he and later expansion Kari can be found in the initial subject succession, his consideration to this new closure topic close by the remainder of the DigiDestined bunch bothers that he’ll be joining the undertakings soon.