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Demon Slayer: Mugen Train, is set to hit cinemas for the first time in October in Japan. The maker of the franchise is promising a prequel story for the film that will zero in on newcomers from the demon slayer corp in Rengoku! Delivering around 4.5 million duplicates of the manga prequel, Japanese fans will have the chance to become familiar with this fire using fighter who will be instrumental.

Rengoku showed up in the main period of the anime of Demon Slayer, having entered the scene close by The Hashira who make up the most grounded members from the Demon slayer corps. His part in the franchise will be extended exponentially with the up and coming film, which will see Tanjiro and different individuals from his meandering band of quirky fighters.

Demon Slayer Will Release New Rengoku Prequel

Taking into account that the arrangement’s creator Koyoharu Gotoge will actually be writing this spic and span prequel story that will show up in Japanese auditoriums close by the film. Rengoku Volume 0 will be recounting the narrative of Rengoku’s first mission as an evil presence slayer, definitely keeping up the hard-hitting activity we’ve seen from Tanjiro, Nezuko, and different characters of Demon Slayer in the first season that has moved this Shonen arrangement to the new statures!

Via: Anime News Network