New Demon Slayer Anime
Photo: Studio Ufotable

The worldwide famous anime Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba has been on the trending topics in the anime fandom for a long time and it has recently teased that new data on the anime will be coming our direction soon enough.

The variation of Koyoharu Gotouge’s unique Shonen Jump arrangement will before long be praising its subsequent commemoration, and in Japan it will celebrate incredibly with an special occasion. Following the new augmentation of the CoronaVirus pandemic state of emergency in Japan, Abema TV’s uncommon “Demon Slayer Festival – Anime 2nd Anniversary Festival-” will be occurring on February 14 after already wanting to stumble into two distinct days. Be that as it may, there’s the guarantee of some new data being shared during this occasion also.

As a component of the festival new shorts in the Tales from Demon Slayer Academy will be gushing in Japan, and the “Demon Slayer Festival Online – Anime second Anniversary Festival-” livestream will include four of the primary stars from the arrangement. In any case, the most tempting tease is the uncover that data about the anime arrangement will be uncovered at this occasion, however sadly there’s no hint with respect to what this declaration could be.

Demon Slayer’s TV anime series and the Mugen Train film is a worldwide success and with this amount of fame, the anime establishment is everything except ensured to proceed in some style. However, the primary inquiry will be the manner by which it decides to proceed. Another feature film taking on the bend after Mugen Train may appear to be really enticing after the establishment’s wild film industry accomplishment in Japan alone, yet a second season is no doubt the inclination of the fans considering it would offer a more drawn out stretch of satisfaction by and large.

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