Demon Slayer One-Shot Manga
Photo: Shueisha

This week will see the arrival of another one-shot that gives fans a new approach to hop into the universe of Tanjiro, Nezuko, and different members from the Demon Slayer Corps!

In spite of the fact that the manga story of Demon Slayer has just found some conclusion, obviously, the maker of the franchise, Koyoharu Gotouge, has a lot of stories left to tell! The enhanced one-shot, which will be released for this present week, will offer three new stories inside the franchise of Demon Slayer, one of which will be named “Report On Tanjiro’s Current Condition” indicating fans the current status of the series following the finish of the mainstream Shonen series.

Another unique story will be named “Breaking! Hell Demon Report – Crossing The Far Shore” which will plunge into the demon world to show us a part of the unnerving dangers introduced during the narrative of the Demon Slayer Corps. At last, the last story will really follow the maker of Demon Slayer, recording a part of the tales that occurred as Gotouge made the first story that has overwhelmed the world! The third one-shot is named “The Foundation of Kimetsu“, which will show a part of Gotouge’s genuine stories from drawing the manga during its serialization.

The second season of Demon Slayer‘s TV series still can’t seem to be affirmed, with the creative studio responsible Ufotable concerning when, or regardless of whether, fans will see Tanjiro and his demon slayer killing partners make a return of the little screen. With Mugen Train previously pulling in countless dollars in benefit before hitting North American theaters, it’s indistinct regarding whether the fate of the series will be in films or TV or both!

On the manga side of things, the maker of Demon Slayer has additionally been quiet with respect to any possible spin-offs or turn off stories for the adventures of Tanjiro.