Demon Slayer Movie
Photo Credit: Studio Ufotable

The CoronaVirus pandemic has hit the world very deeply, affecting every industry and entertainment is one of the industries that got affected, many film’s pushed their premiere dates, delayed productions to prevent the spread.

Anime is one of the mainstream parts of the entertainment industry and, worldwide film industry has endured enormously over the most recent a while. Various high budget films have driven their dates into 2021 on account of the pandemic, however that isn’t the situation for each film. Over in Japan, the first Demon Slayer film adapting the Mugen Train arc has gone live, and an administration official is adulating the element for lifting the Japanese film industry.

As of late, a famous Japanese news website LiveDoor distributed a report recording one official’s response to Demon Slayer.

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Katsunobu Katou, the nation’s new Chief Cabinet Secretary, released his praise for the anime after it bested the worldwide film industry during its first opening weekend.

He said the following:

“The domestic box office’s earnings this May was just one perfect of that found in last year’s earnings. Even under such difficult circumstances, Demon Slayer managed to draw in a record-breaking number of fans. It gives a huge boost to the local movie industry,”

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Demon Slayer: Mugen Train anime film debuted on October 16 in Japan and the film managed to sell tickets worth more than $43 million USD on its opening weekend.