Demon Slayer New Anime
Photo: Ufotable

Demon Slayer is perhaps the most blazing franchise on the planet at the present time, and the requirement for more substance is genuine. It has been longer than a year since the anime set up new episodes, and its first film is breaking film industry assumptions easily.

This sort of achievement has fans thinking when Demon Slayer will push forward with new ventures, and a new report suggests such work is as of now going down in Japan. The update comes from Yahoo Japan in the wake of Demon Slayer’s most recent film industry accomplishment.

It was affirmed for the current week that Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba – Mugen Train has ousted Spirited Away as the top-grossing film in Japan to date. The enormous achievement has provoked festivals in general, and Yahoo Japan says unknown sources from Nikkan Sports have heard murmurs of another Demon Slayer project. As per the report, the distribution Nikkan Sports has been told by “numerous anime insiders” that an anime adaptation is being produced for the arc following Mugen Train.

This adaptation is pushing ahead in the background, yet there is no word on whether the project will be another season or a subsequent film. Obviously, this report has no solid proof to back it, so Demon Slayer fans should choose whether these insiders are dependable.

This isn’t the first run through reports have surfaced about another undertaking, yet it is the first to drop since the franchise hit the theater. Given the ridiculous measure of cash Demon Slayer made, it is difficult to envision the anime halting abruptly. The possibly question is when will this new anime get an official affirmation from its creation board of trustees.

Source: Yahoo Japan