Death note short stories volume cover
Photo: Shueisha

Death Note probably won’t be getting back to the universe of anime any time soon, yet some pristine stories on the planet that made Light Yagami and Ryuk commonly recognized names among anime fans are on the way, with a new cover being released that shows off the malevolent Shinigami.

The finale of the first Death Note series saw Light at long last compensation for his violations in his offer to make a superior world as Kira using the force of the enchanted note pad, however, Ryuk actually screens the Earth and obviously, this new accumulation will investigate new parts of this world! Despite the fact that Death Note’s anime has reached a conclusion, we saw the appearance of another story for Ryuk and the executioner note pad with a continuation story that saw another holder of the book through a one-shot manga.

Minoru is searching for a snappy payday that will make him well off past methods and establishes a splendid arrangement in an offer to sell the Death Note to the most elevated bidder! Twitter Outlet WSJ_Manga shared the new cover art for the forthcoming short story series that investigates new zones of the Death Note universe.

With the Shinigami Ryuk obviously assuming a major part in these new stories that acquainted us with the journal which had the ability to change the world. Passing Note has gotten perhaps the most conspicuous properties in the realm of anime regardless of just having one anime season to its name, on account of the unpredictable “feline and mouse” construction of the arrangement just as the astonishing plan work from makers Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata.