Death Note Fans Debate Who is the Series Best Protagonist Yet
Photo Credit: Shueisha

With Ryuk coming back to the universe of man to give his Death Note to another client following the passing of Light Yagami toward the finish of the first anime arrangement. With the presentation of Minoru Tanaka as a piece of this new story, fans are discussing which hero was the best, regardless of Light’s long residency as the ace of the note pad that permits its client to kill from a separation.

Light Yagami himself was a virtuoso, hoping to change the world through the Death Note by slaughtering killers and crooks the world over, increasing an after of steadfast fans who named him “Kira“. Light was very splendid all through the underlying arrangement yet it wasn’t sufficient to spare him from in the end losing his life, and Ryuk left the body of the kid he drifted over for such a long time.

In the new continuation story, we are acquainted with Minoru Tanaka, a kid who probably won’t share the insight of Light yet incubates a plan that is about impeccable in his utilization of the Death Note.

Recently, the Manga Plus site refreshed its library, and that carried fans up close and personal with the manga. The arrangement put out a one-shot for the current week, and it incited the story’s makers to make a rebound. Both Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata worked on this staggering one-shot.

You can read the one-shot manga on Shueisha’s official “Manga Plus” website.

The new story is a substantial one at 87 pages, and fans won’t have any desire to put it down. So you have a reasonable admonition now! In the event that you don’t have the opportunity to complete this story in one sitting, you might need to pause and begin when you can. The one-shot is acceptable, and it will flood fans with a wide range of sentimentality.

The story is an altogether different sort of the previous manga story, and it considers the time to move between the first arrangement and now. With all-new innovation plaguing society, Ryuk has a test removed for him to locate another Kira.