Death Note Ryuk
Photo Credit: Madhouse

Anime is a great source for artists to create art, use characters designs for a cosplay and Death Note is one of the most famous anime series that fans love and have it as a great source for art and cosplay as well.

The anime has a few fan-favorite characters and Ryuk is one of them as well, who is the winged demon that had an enormous dependence on apples, twisting his body into pretzels in the event that he can’t expend the delicious fruit, which Light would take care of him on the standard when he was endeavoring to change the world for the sake of his alter ego, Kira.

Down on Instagram, a cosplay artist Beat By Dime shared this noteworthy make-up organization that re-makes the shinigami that was put on the map by Death Note and will without a doubt show up down the line in various better places, regardless of whether it be in a continuation or a side story:

Ryuk has recently showed up in a one chapter continuation of Death Note, which was a manga that followed another character who acquired the executioner note pad in Minoru Tanaka. Not at all like Light, Minoru would not like to change the world and execute crooks, but instead just is endeavoring to sell the Death Note to make him rich. The story itself even figures out how to fuse President Donald Trump at a certain point, with the note pad ending up in his grasp following the United States buying the Death Note. While Minoru’s destiny isn’t actually a glad one, it demonstrates that there is as yet an enthusiasm for this world made by Tsugumi Ohba.