NTT Solmare Corporation’s Comic Solmare digital book site reported the champs of its “Minna ga Erabu!! Denshi Comic Taishō 2019” (Everyone Picks!! Online Comic Grand Prize) rivalry at the Ebisu Garden Place in Shibuya on Thursday. The manga site enabled perusers to cast a ballot on 36 manga titles suspected to wind up enormous hits this year.

The Grand Prize went to the manga arrangement The Villager of Level 999 (Lv999 no Murabito), an adjustment of Koneko Hoshtsuki’s light novel arrangement by craftsman Kenichi Iwamoto. The story pursues a human whose guardians were slaughtered by beasts and individual people thus he embarks to kill beasts and obliterate the world. His arrangement changes when in the wake of sparing the Demon King’s little girl, the pair rather choose to crush those behind the destiny of the world.

The Women’s Comic Prize was granted to both Shiki Kokonose’s Kono Otoko wa Jinsei Saidai no Ayamachi desu and Shiki Chitose’s Azfareo no Sobayōnin. Kono Otoko wa Jinsei Saida no Ayamichi desu (lit. “This person is the greatest misstep of my life”) is a lighthearted comedy that pursues a lady who is noisily suffocating her distresses at a bar after her long lasting pet canine has passed away. She’s at that point drawn nearer by a man who has had enough of her crying and snidely advises her to drink until she quieted down. The experience goes from terrible to more regrettable when she finds the inhumane man at the bar is her organization’s leader.

Azfareo no Sobayōnin (Chamberlain of the Azfareo) is a dream sentiment featuring a sanctum lady named Rukuru whose home town is obliterated. She finds a new line of work dealing with a winged serpent named Julius in the Kingdom of Azfareo. At first, Rukuru is terrified of the mythical serpent yet her assessment changes in the wake of investing energy with him and she starts to find out about the mystery of the kingdom’s winged serpent.

The Men’s Comic Prize went to Oni o Kau (Raise the Demon) by Keito Yoshikawa and Yūbe wa o Tanoshimi deshita ne (Thou hast had a decent night’s rest, I trust) by Renjūrō Kindaichi. Oni o Kau is set in Japan’s Showa time and happens in a strange pet shop where a wide range of animals can be acquired, but with exceptional consideration directions.

The rom-com manga Yūbe wa o Tanoshimi deshita ne fixates on Powder, who has been getting a charge out of the universe of Dragon Quest X and goes through consistently playing with gathering individuals on the web. At some point, Powder out of the blue needs to impart a room, all things considered, to a colleague named Gorō. They find that their genuine personas are not exactly equivalent to their diversion personas. The arrangement as of late propelled a no frills show.

The BL (Boys-Love) Prize went to Suki de gomen. (I adore you. I’m sad.) by Satoru Okamoto and Boku no Omawari-san (My Policeman) by Niyama. Suki de gomen. fixates on a couple of cherished companions, Kōta and Haruto. Kōta has since quite a while ago adored Haruto, yet his companion is a known playboy. Kōta leaves that his affection will never be returned get one day their relationship starts to move.

Boku no Omawari-san pursues two a lot more established companions, 40-something entrepreneur Seiji and cop Shin. The two have known each other as far back as Seiji’s past spell as a cop and now Shin is alloted to watch the region around Seiji’s store. His adoration for Seiji never appeared as though it would go anyplace until Seiji calmly admits an enthusiasm for dating men.

The “Minna ga Erabu!! Denshi Comic Taishō 2019” likewise incorporated a classification for TL or “youngsters love” manga, a suggestive sub-kind focusing on female perusers. The manga arrangement Subete Ai no Shiwaza by Akiko Monden and Chippai Kanojo to Bijin Kareshi by neco were granted prizes in the TL classification.