My Hero Academia Bakugo

Vince Staples: My Hero Academia’s Bakugo Would Have Whooped Thanos

My Hero Academia anime franchise grows its popularity day by day and fans are always sharing their support and love for the anime in social media....
League of Villains

My Hero Academia: The Ages of Toga, Twice and Spinner are Revealed

My Hero Academia arrangement continues to gain popularity all over the world and every detail fans get about the arrangement is a great win for them....
My Hero Academia Comics

My Hero Academia Comics: Appearance of the Scary Godzilla Villain

My Hero Academia establishment lately has become one of the most popular both manga and anime, with its refreshing story and all the well developed characters. With...
Shoto Todoroki's Godly Powers

My Hero Academia New Comic Reveals Shoto Todoroki’s Godly Powers

Shoto Todoroki was perhaps the most powerful understudy at UA Academy. Harboring a Quirk that enables him to control both flame and ice, the consumed confronted...
Iron Man

One-Punch Man Artist Draws Iron Man Sketch With A One-Punch Man Flair

Yusuke Murata is in charge of the substantial hitting animes One-Punch Man and Mob Psycho 100, however that doesn't keep him controlled to eastern properties.
Marvel Cinematic Universe

Fan Artists Shared Crossover Of Various Pokemon Drawn as Members of Marvel Cinematic Universe

In the midst of the energy for the arrival of Avengers: Endgame, Reddit client "JayAlejo" took to Reddit with his fan art hybrid of different Pokemon drawn...
The Boys

Amazon’s New ‘The Boys’ Series Trailer Is Released

Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg, and Erick Kripke's TV adjustment of Garth Ennis' The Boys is coming to Amazon Prime, and now we have a very close and...

Latest article

Rumors Report That My Hero Academia is Planning for at Least 10 More Movies

Rumors Report That My Hero Academia is Planning for at Least 10 More Movies

My Hero Academia is on a high these days, and it appears there is, significantly more, to anticipate. Fans of My...
The Seven Deadly Sins Studio Deen

The Reason Behind The Seven Deadly Sins Anime’s Downhill Revealed

Whenever someone mentioned The Seven Deadly Sins anime, the things that actually got to our minds is the perfect characters, story...
Bleach New Mobile Video Game Announced

Bleach New Mobile Video Game Announced

Oasis Games this week declared Bleach: Immortal Soul, a versatile pretending game that sets groups of characters in opposition to one...
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