Child of Kamiari Month
Photo Credit: Cretica Universal

Child of Kamiari Month, the up and coming anime film by studio
Cretica Universal released the first trailer for the anime on Saturday in their official Youtube channel.

The film is scheduled to premiere in 2021 after it got delayed from its original date on 2020.

The anime film‘s cast includes:

  • Aju Makita voices the protagonist Kanna
  • Maaya Sakamoto voices Shiro
  • Miyu Irino voices Yato
Photo Credit: Child of Kamiari Month Anime Film’s Official Website

The staff includes:

  • Tetsuro Satomi is the project’s animation producer
  • Kazuya Sakamoto is the creation director
  • Toshinari Shinohe is in charge of planning and credited for the original work
  • Takana Shirai is credited with the original concept and as animation director
  • Michihiko Suwa and Teppei Mishima are planners and producers for the project
  • Haruka Sagawa is the character designer
  • Tetsurō Takita and Ryūta Miyake are penning the script
  • miwa will perform the film’s theme song