Anime Plot Twists
Photo Credit: Toei Animation

Anime series managed to become a mainstream in entertainment industry and it amazes fans with the entertaining story, animation and characters who put life and emotions thanks to voice actors who work hard to do their job properly.

Besides the animation and all the things mentioned above, anime series are mostly known with their plot twists and there are many anime that made fans change their point of view regarding the characters and their intentions.

Over and over, shows have conflicted with fan desires and wound their arcs into something nobody at any point saw coming. Presently, fans are opening up about the anime twists which took them absolutely zoned out, and it merits investigating.

The topic was opened on Twitter when a user named Dangyo called netizens to spill their preferred stunning scenes from any anime that took them for a circle.

It didn’t take long for the responses to come in, and some significant arrangement made the cut.

Check out fans responses to the call: