Photo Credit: Shueisha, Kodansha

Manga, the graphic novels created in Japan the latest few decades have become mainstream on their industry, managing to get known worldwide with all the different manga series like starting from Dragon Ball, Rurouni Kenshin, One Piece and many more.

One of the things that also boosted the manga series to get a good amount of attention is getting an anime adaptation or a film which is based on the manga.

Recently The Tsukuru Shuppan’s Tsukuru magazine magazine distributed an outline on Friday posting the best 15 manga volumes for three significant distributers Kodansha, Shueisha, and Shogakukan over the most recent a year dependent on first printings. The diagram mirrors the principal print runs from volumes discharged between April 2019 through March 2020.

Check out the list below:


RankTitleVolume NumberCopies Printed
1Attack on Titan281.43 million
2The Quintessential Quintuplets13500,000
3That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime12482,000
4The Seven Deadly Sins36474,000
5Space Bros.36320,000
6Saint Young Men17288,000
7Ace of Diamond Act II16286,000
8The Heroic Legend of Arslan11265,000
10What Did You Eat Yesterday?16235,000
11Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card6233,000
13Grand Blue Dreaming13202,000
14Giant Killing51184,000
15Hajime no Ippo125184,000


RankTitleVolume NumberCopies Printed
1One Piece953.2 million
2Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba191.5 million
4My Hero Academia26660,000
4One-Punch Man21660,000
6The Promised Neverland18600,000
8SPY x FAMILY3400,000
9Rurouni Kenshin: Hokkaido Arc3350,000
10Dragon Ball Super9340,000
11World Trigger20330,000
12Golden Kamuy21320,000
12Kaguya-sama: Love is War17320,000
12Blue Exorcist23320,000
15Kimi ni Todoke Bangai-hen: Unmei no Hito1300,000


RankTitleVolume NumberCopies Printed
1Silver Spoon15750,000
2Detective Conan96710,000
3Detective Conan: Zero no Tea Time3500,000
5Kūbo Ibuki12270,000
6Detective Conan: Hannin no Hanzawa-san4245,000
7Major 2nd17235,000
7Teasing Master Takagi-san11235,000
9Blue Giant Supreme8200,000
11Karakai Jōzu no (Moto) Takagi-san6170,000
11Fūto Tantei6170,000
11Koi to Dangan3170,000
14Shinya no Dame Koi Zukan6150,000
14Poe no Ichizoku Unicorn150,000