Studio MAPPA is proceeding to become famous in the realm of anime, having finished the first part of the fourth and last season of Attack On Titan, just as wrapping the main season of the anime adaptation of the well-known Shonen series in Jujutsu Kaisen.

To praise the 10th anniversary of the production of the animation studio, it appears as though the anime makers may be implying that a first glance at the anime adaptation for the gonzo franchise known as Chainsaw Man, which has gotten perhaps the most mainstream mangas without the advantage of a television series. For those that probably won’t be natural, Chainsaw Man is a story that follows the boy Denji, a man living hand to mouth while at the same time functioning as a contract killer for the horde. With his little canine Pochita being able to grow a trimming tool from its body, Denji in the long run winds up intertwining with his pooch and goes into a universe of villains where he uses his trimming tool forces to chop down wicked powers while endeavoring to divertingly explore regular day to day existence.

MAPPA presently can’t seem to deliver any recording from the exceptionally expected variation, however, it appears as though that may change this June. The Official Twitter Account for Chainsaw Man shared insights concerning the stage event for Studio MAPPA’s 10th anniversary, which may be our first opportunity to observe how the liveliness studio will bring life the dreamlike undertakings of Denji and his kindred demon trackers:

Obviously, Chainsaw Man will be following in some admirable people’s footsteps when the anime project is uncovered.