chainsaw man awards

Chainsaw Man is quite possibly the most famous manga stories running today, with fans delighted at the way that the franchise made by Tatsuki Fujimoto will be adapted into an anime by Studio MAPPA, and it appears as though the quirky story of Denji has gotten a major honor for its run up until now!

The 66th yearly Shogakukan Manga Awards uncovered the victors of a few of their renowned distinctions, with the account of the fallen angel murdering, cutting apparatus fueled teen being at the highest-rated spot, demonstrating that Chainsaw Man has cut its way into the universe of Shonen! In case you’re new to the abnormal story of Chainsaw Man, it follows a young fellow named Denji who is endeavoring to discover his spot on the planet, scarcely scratching by with enough money that he acquires as a hired gunman for the fans.

As though that situation weren’t weird enough all alone, Denji is participated in his excursion by his trusty canine, Pochita, who incidentally turns out to be a villain with the ability to spring forward cutting apparatus sharp edges from its body. In one experience gone astray, Pochita and Denji intertwine as one, and accordingly, Chainsaw Man is conceived, one of the greatest devil hunters that the world has ever seen! Chainsaw Man was awarded with “Best Shonen Manga” by the Shogakukan Manga Awards, demonstrating that even without an anime running simultaneously with the series, the Shonen story has figured out how to gather an enthusiastic fan base that is anticipating the further accounts of Denji and his kindred villain trackers!

Fans were shattered when it was uncovered that the tale of Chainsaw Man was finding some conclusion, with the manga declaring that the arrangement would be taking its last bow, just to right away uncover that a spin-off was presently in progress!

The forthcoming anime arrangement will be created by Studio MAPPA, who is presently chipping away at such hits as the last period of Attack On Titan, just as the Shonen arrangement of Jujutsu Kaisen.

Source: Anime News Network