The universe of diversion has ended up hit hard by the Covid pandemic, with innumerable activities waiting to be postponed or dropped despite COVID-19, and as nations actually endeavor to straighten the curve, the anime franchise of Cells At Work has revealed new chapters for free documenting the characters’ fight against the infection.

Following the tale of blood cells that work as one inside the human body to fight against diseases and different dangers to their host, Cells At Work is maybe the anime arrangement most appropriate to handle the issue of COVID. Cells At Work, like so numerous other anime franchises, wound up expecting to postpone episodes of its anime despite COVID-19, with the following season initially set to land a year ago yet waiting to be released before 2021 because of the impacts of the virus.

Despite the fact that there has been no report about a potential third season being delivered for the strange establishment, it would be nothing unexpected to see Cells At Work get back to TV screens considering the accompanying it has accumulated since it initially appeared in 2015 as a manga. The Official Twitter Account for Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labor, And Welfare shared the free chapters of Cells At Work which not just highlights the characters of the anime establishment fighting the virus.