Captain Tsubasa: Rising Sun Manga Moves to New Magazine in 2020
Photo Credit: Shueisha

Shueisha’s Grand Jump magazine’s 24th issue uncovered on Wednesday that Yōichi Takahashi’s Captain Tsubasa: Rising Sun soccer manga will move to another Grand Jump supplement titled Captain Tsubasa Magazine, which will dispatch in spring 2020.

The new magazine will concentrate on the Captain Tsubasa: Rising Sun establishment, including manga, games, and meetings. Rising Sun rotates around Tsubasa as he intends to take an interest in the Olympics as a delegate from Japan. Takahashi launched the manga in the magazine in December 2013, and Shueisha dispatched the twelfth gathered volume in Japan on October 4.

The first soccer manga rotates around 11-year-old Tsubasa Ōzora, a kid who cherishes soccer and is perceived by his mentor Roberto because of his talent for the game. Tsubasa goes with his mentor to Brazil so as to prepare for the World Cup.