Photo Credit: Shueisha

Burn the Witch is one of the most popular manga in Shonen Jump, and it has just gotten a hit. The arrangement, which is written by Tite Kubo. There is just a single additional chapter left of Burn the Witch to go, however, it seems like Kubo plans to proceed with the manga with the second season of sorts.

The data went live in the latest issue of Weekly Shonen Jump. It was there fans were told the second season of Burn the Witch is being arranged by Kubo. Be that as it may, this season alludes to the manga as opposed to the anime which is scheduled to make a big appearance this year.

Burn The Witch Manga Gets Season 2
Photo Credit: Studio Colorado

There is no word on when Burn the Witch will flaunt this subsequent season. The manga has put out three sections so far with the fourth on its way today. When the manga was reported, Kubo said it would be a four-section miniseries.

The manga was created in July 2018 as a one-shot. Kubo went on to serialize the manga back in August, and an anime adaptation of the story is in the works. Studio Colorado will produce the anime alongside team Yaamahitsuji.