Bungō to Alchemist Game Announced for TV Anime for Spring 2020
Photo Credit: Studio OLM

Bungō to Alchemist: Shinpan no Haguruma (Literary Greats and Alchemists: The Gears of Judgment), a TV anime adjustment of DMM Games’ Bungō to Alchemist game, has been officially announced. In the first reenactment game, players become exceptional bookkeepers who unite with reawakened scholarly figures. They battle together to shield writing from powers that consume it.

The online PC program game propelled in November 2016, trailed by a cell phone application for iOS and Android devices in June 2017.

Anime’s staff members include:

  • Toshinori Watanabe as anime director at “OLM
  • Jirō Ishii is credited with the anime’s world setting
  • Jun Kumagai as the series scriptwriter
  • Atsuko Nakajima as character designer and chief animation director
  • Hideki Sakamoto as music composer
  • Yasunori Ebina is the sound director

The game’s introduction follows as: “You are taken to an existence where you can meet prestigious Japanese journalists of the past. Your errand is to dig into polluted books to filter them, with parties made out of essayists to battle the Taints, who have eroded the books. To pick up writers, you should transmigrate them by digging into ensouled books or by meeting them while fighting Taints in polluted books“.