Naruto Uzumaki has kept a tight top on the Hidden Leaf since he turned into the Homage, and Boruto has shown how great his residency has been. The sequel has tried really hard to show Naruto’s effect on the city.

Presently, it appears to be the town has an unwanted visitor, and Boruto fans are going ballistic over the invite’s disclosure about Kashin Koji. On the off chance that you will recall, Kashin is one of the internal people from Kara, and he has some truly dubious forces. The white-haired ninja has attracted correlations with Jiraiya too often for solace. He can use the Rasengan and even gather frogs very much like the late Sannin.

Furthermore, things being what they are, his chakra is even enrolled to the Hidden Leaf. Episode 195 affirmed this was true when Kashin met with Delta outside of the town. The man tells his companion there is a class of ninja in the town who screen for gatecrashers by checking the chakra marks in the Hidden Leaf.

Kashin cautions Delta she will be discovered quickly on the off chance that she steps foot into the Hidden Leaf, yet he is protected to go in. Also, when he arrives inside the city dividers, Kashin is clear to continue. Plainly, this implies Kashin has connections to the Hidden Leaf Village. His chakra mark is known to the city, and he can enter its dividers without raising caution.