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Boruto: Naruto Next Generation anime’s most recent scene positively turned the tables, with a ruthless execution that certainly found a lot of fans napping! Omoi and his group at long last run into Deepa, one of the Kara association’s Inners, and learns instantly how dangerous and cruel Kara’s agents truly are.

Warning: the article is about a scene in the latest episode of Boruto: Naruto Next Generation.

Before you continue reading, you can watch the latest episode 164 officially on Crunchyroll here.

Deepa uses a horrendous cross-examination strategy to realize where the principal Hokage’s Hashirama Cell is found. That cross-examination prompts Deepa frightfully slaughtering Omoi’s group, directly before his eyes! Omoi’s group was dispatched by his lord the Fifth Raikage, Darui, to help Konohagakure track down the taken Hashirama Cell.

The inquiry drove Omoi’s group that’s (Marui and Kakui) to find Konoha-nin, and almost exchange edges with Konohamaru. In any case, when Omoi’s group joined Hidden Leaf to find the actual criminals, they got split up, and Omoi’s group wound up being trapped by Deepa.

Deepa offers to save Omoi’s life if Marui and Kakui surrender the whereabouts of the Hashirama Cell. At the point when the two shinobi warriors oblige and admit that the Land of Haze is capable, they discover that Deepa is a man of his assertion. Before the two shinobi even realize that eath has shown up, Deepa punches a gap through the midriff of each man. Omoi is left crawling through the soil, requiring his fallen friends as Deepa rapidly rushes toward the Land of Haze.