Boruto Openind and ending
Photo: Studio Pierrot

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has shared the primary glance at its next opening and ending theme songs! The Boruto anime has finally returned with its 181 episode from its short break for the Christmas season, and with its return, it has introduced an entirely different time of the anime that fans have been looking forward to the action for a long while.

2021 will see the beginning of the Vessel arc, which not exclusively will acquaint Kawaki with the anime however the entirety of the leftover Kara individuals that we presently can’t seem to find in the series. These new opening and ending sequences mark the 15th in the anime generally speaking.

The new opening theme song for the anime series is named “Baku” as performed by Ikimono-gatari.

The new ending theme song is named “Answers” as performed by mol-74.