Boruto: Naruto Next Generations just gave Konoha fans the finish of the fight between the Seventh Hokage and the incredible individual from the Kara Organization in Delta, and it appears as though the dad of Boruto will wind up in a brand new position to guarantee the well-being of his town.

With Kawaki being a vital piece of the Kara Organization’s objectives for the future, going about as a “Vessel” that will push forward the energy known as Karma, obviously, this accursed association is the greatest danger to the Hidden Leaf Village the way things are. Naruto had the option to crush Delta in a one-on-one battle, yet unmistakably the Seventh Hokage needed to go max speed when it came to scoring a triumph against one of the madly incredible individuals from Kara. In spite of the fact that Boruto’s father made a point to keep Delta alive after her loss, she obviously ensured that she wouldn’t be a captive and chosen to leave no proof by committing suicide in a giant blast.

Seeing her destruction, it appears as though Naruto will take on a brand new job as the instructor to Kawaki as the current Hokage understands that the Hidden Leaf Village needs to carry the young ninja into the overlay. Look at the review for the 200th scene of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, showing that Naruto will be dividing his time between being the head of Konoha and preparing Kawaki, who may be amazing however has a long way to go about turning into a ninja himself:

In the pages of the manga, Naruto has been going through a genuine change in his life because of his most recent fight against Jigen, the head of the Kara Organization, which has huge repercussions for the town in general.