Boruto Chapter 54
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Boruto: Naruto Next Generations series may be getting something reasonable of consideration because of the anime at last jumping into the fierce Vessel Arc and the presentation of the hotly anticipated character known as Kawaki, however, the manga is warming up with the battle among Konoha and Kara warming up in unforeseen manners as the energy known as Karma is uncovered to have a major twist connected to it.

With past portions finishing the fight among Jigen and the absolute most impressive ninja of the Hidden Leaf, the eventual fate of the manga is uncertain however threat actually is by all accounts everywhere.

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The villainous Jigen is apparently dead, having been not able to effectively trade bodies in time with Kawaki, utilizing the energy known as Karma in the character that was made by the Kara Organization. Notwithstanding, with Isshiki’s demise, another danger has arisen that has emerged from within Boruto himself, as Momoshiki has assumed responsibility for the body of the child of the Seventh Hokage, and even ventured to such an extreme as to take one of Sasuke’s eyes during the time spent his restoration.

Photo: Shueisha

After the clarification Momoshiki makes, it appears like Karma, regardless of whether totally devastated in a vessel’s body, actually leaves the DNA of the divine ninja as the objective. Kawaki is shocked to discover that his body is essentially now 80% Otsutsuki, which means he actually is a vessel for the heavenly ninja group regardless of Jigen done being among the place where there is the living.

Fortunately for Kawaki, Boruto is in the end ready to recapture control of his body from Momoshiki, with the ninjas finding that once Naruto’s child utilizes most of his chakra, it gives the heavenly ninja dwelling in his body the ideal chance to steer. In spite of the fact that the peril of both Jigen and Momoshiki may be finished, until further notice, the current status of Naruto is hazy as Sasuke takes note of that the Seventh Hokage presently can’t seem to awaken following his dangerous association with the nine-tailed fox that sent his force level soaring.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations chapter 55 is set to release on February 19, 2021.

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