Blue Exorcist Season 3 (Illuminati Saga) Premiere Date
Photo: Studio VOLN

Blue Exorcist anime hyped the fandom as the new anime season titled Blue Exorcist Illuminati Saga was confirmed, but the exact release date was not confirmed.

However, according to the trustworthy news source on X, @SugoiLITE Blue Exorcist Season 3 (Illuminati Saga) anime will premiere on January 6, 2024.

The opening theme song Eye Sentry is performed by UVERworld.

The anime will be focused on volumes 10-15 of the original manga.

The staff of the anime includes:

  • Director: Daisuke Yoshida
  • Animation Studio: Studio VOLN
  • Script Supervisor: Toshiya Ono
  • Character Designer, Chief Animation Director: Yurie Oohigashi
  • Music Composers: Kohta Yamamoto and Hiroyuki Sawano

The story rotates around Rin Okumura, a teen who finds he and his twin sibling Yukio are the children of Satan conceived from a human lady, and he is the inheritor of Satan’s forces. At the point when Satan murders their watchman, Rin selects at True Cross Academy to turn into an exorcist under Yukio’s tutelage to vanquish his dad Satan. The manga has been serialized in Shueisha’s Jump Square magazine since April 2009, with singular sections gathered into 26 tankōbon volumes as of December 2020.

The arrangement was adjusted into an anime TV arrangement delivered by A-1 Pictures, and broadcast from April to October 2011. An anime film, Blue Exorcist: The Movie, debuted in December 2012. A subsequent season, named Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Saga, broadcasted from January to March 2017.

Viz Media has authorized the manga for North American creation, with the first volume delivered in April 2011.

Viz Media portrays the story:

“Raised by Father Fujimoto, a famous exorcist, Rin Okumura never knew his real father. One day a fateful argument with Father Fujimoto forces Rin to face a terrible truth—the blood of the demon lord Satan runs in Rin’s veins! Rin swears to defeat Satan, but doing that means entering the mysterious True Cross Academy and becoming an exorcist himself. Can Rin fight demons and keep his infernal bloodline a secret? It won’t be easy, especially when drawing his father’s sword releases the demonic power within him!”

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