Black Lagoon Cosplay
Photo: Madhouse

Black Lagoon, the famous Girls with guns anime focused on the fierce Revy’s actions is one most famous seinen anime series of all time. The series has a lot of factors to be complimented and one of them is undoubtedly the character Revy, that fans love and support.

Down on Instagram a talented cosplay artist named @briannagutz decided to share her own take on Revy, and its matching. Check it out below:

Black Lagoon is a Japanese anime TV series, in light of Rei Hiroe’s manga with the same name. The series was created by Madhouse, Geneon Entertainment and Shogakukan and coordinated and composed by Sunao Katabuchi, with Masanori Shino planning the characters and Edison forming the music. The primary season was communicated in Japan from April to June 2006; it was trailed by a subsequent season, named The Second Barrage, broadcast from October to December of that very year. A Five episode (OVA), captioned Roberta’s Blood Trail, was sent off from July 2010 to June 2011. In North America, the anime series was initially authorized by Geneon Entertainment in 2006 and was subsequently procured by Funimation in 2008, who likewise authorized the OVA and delivered it in 2013.

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